News from ICON.FINANCE: excited to announce a significant update on our platform! We now support the Bulgarian Lev (BGN), opening up new opportunities for users in Bulgaria. This is not just a step forward for our platform but also a significant milestone in expanding our influence in Europe. Bulgaria, as a member of the European Union, becomes a focal point in our strategic plans, especially considering the growth of its economy.

We are pleased to offer our Bulgarian clients the ability to work with cryptocurrencies using their local currency. This will significantly facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies for residents of Bulgaria, making the process more convenient and accessible.

To start using BGN on ICON.FINANCE, you simply need to register an account on our platform. After that, you'll be able to fund your account using a bank transfer or debit card.

This update also reflects the growing interest in cryptocurrencies in Bulgaria. Over the past months, we have noticed an increase in the number of Bulgarian users showing interest in digital assets. Support for the local currency becomes a key factor, making cryptocurrencies more accessible and appealing to our clients.